Super Vegitoks Cleanser 200ml

Super Vegitoks Cleanser 200ml


Super Vegitox Cleanser is a skin cleanser with a special cleansing recipe that gives you the effect of drinking a glass of detox juice a day.

Super Vegitox Cleanser is a green juice pack formula with 15 high-fat beige ingredients, including a powerful antioxidant that is effective in removing and cleansing skin toxins, lime extracts, shrub extracts and 49 nutrient-rich superfood spuplina extracts for the human body.

The fine bubbles that naturally occur immediately upon reaching the skin purify the skin primarily, and secondly cleanse the fine wastes between the fine dust and the fluff and pores inside and outside the skin neatly.

If you do not rinse immediately when the foam comes up after rubbing it on your face and leave it for one minute, then you can enjoy the moisturizing effect with the effect of cleansing your skin.

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